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The World Wide Web is crucial to maintaining Freedom of Information while well designed websites encourages information to be read and spread
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word
Ray's web design studio - RWS - helping to spread the word

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A website is the window into your company and service.

We want visitors to look into your window and say, this is what we need.

We use a number of skills, our business knowledge, our knowledge of users and design plus assorted technologies to help achieve that.

If you would like more information then please contact us.

Good luck with your enterprise and contact us should you have questions or need assistance with your website. Of course we are always happy to hear should you like one creating.


Clarification of development

The article talks about outsourcing coding of a sites functionality

This is to do with developing special functions which a website might run, an easy example might be a gaming type installation, or an online method to help gardeners design a new garden layout and then view a representation of the layout through the seasons.

The site would be designed and built by us as per normal with the functionality being part of the build but actually in many cases separate from it. Depending on how complex the development might be we would consider outsourcing the development if it is in the interests of the client and then when written, incorporating the results into the website.

Our clients would be told of this and also passed the contact details of the company used so in the future, should they wish, they can go direct to have the functionally extended.

We are not ashamed to say that occasionally we will go beyond our skill set to bring in extra skills to provide our clients with an up to date cost efficient service.

Outsource - The Right Partner

If you don't wish to wade through the article here are the details:

When I need backup assistance with a coding project I am happy to form a collaborate partnership with, Bolasintelli. Whilst based in India, Skype reduces that issue. *Isn't Skype to Skype free also :) .

Bolasintelli have a strong client base here in the UK and France. You can contact them using, info@bolasintelli.co.in.

They conference via Skype and once you have their details, they will answer questions via Skype or email, whatever the situation warrants. Visit their web site

If you want to ask us questions then please do.

Good Luck
Thoughts on Outsourcing.

This subject comes up occasionally on forums. There are pros and cons to outsourcing, the secret is to find the right partnership company. Yes, it is a partnership, and chosen right it can be a good partnership, benefitting clients to no end.

Dispose of Negative Thoughts about Outsourcing.

On some forums and occasionally on design studio websites I have read some web designers stating, sometimes in strong vitriolic terms, that they never outsource and shame on those who do. Is that really the right attitude? I know it isn’t. Being kind I might suggest they are misleading clients, or I might wonder, less kindly, if they are being plain stupid, or for the UK based posters, maybe they just like spouting quasi political nonsense.

All Web Designer Outsource (just don’t admit to it) .

Dependent upon your view of what outsourcing is, at some point every software house, every web design studio, or individual writing a website will use code or images or artwork obtained from an external source.

To my way of thinking, seeking code or add-ins to use i.e. supplied by another business / organization / individual is a form of outsourcing because the seeker has gone beyond their business boundaries to satisfy a need, in short they have brought – or bought - in expertise to supplement their service. I apply that logic to free code and free resources, the use of prepared artwork, clipart, stock images, logo’s and other illustrative aids. So, using my logic, most if not all websites use outsourced code to help run the site or artwork to adorn it.

It seems OK to steal or borrow help, just don’t pay for it .

The attitude from some seems to be that if such resources are requested outside of the business and paid for, it is wrong but if the resource is stolen, borrowed, copied, or obtained from a free code repository or is part of a coding library, then it is OK to use and doesn’t count as outsourcing. Hmmm to that attitude.

Many of the code libraries which we all use are contributed to by many of the individuals within the countries, indeed often the companies, we use to outsource, so I find those sort of distinctions really puzzling.

Short-sighted Ignorance ignores a client’s need?

When I see Union Jacks emblazoned around some so called UK web design sites issuing strong vitriolic condemnation of outsourcing, their ignorance, maybe implied racism ( I really hope not) and the short-sightedness of their attitude makes my blood boil.

Short-sighted? Yes of course.

If I have a client who has a limited purse (which is most of them) who want that little extra functionality added into a site and such functionality is not available via the usual open source libraries or from immediate colleagues and I don’t have the skill or the funds (time) to write it, then I owe it to my client to find a way to provide that functionality. Either, I spend unpaid / underpaid days or weeks trying to write it, or I seek out a company who can provide it at a cost to suit my client and in a time frame to suit me.

The Internet Work Market is Global

In these days of working from home or away from the base, coders communicate across the world. I could live in the US and write for a company in the UK. So, then, what on earth is wrong with using ‘colleagues’ based in India, the Philippines, China, Russia and so on, particularly when their collective knowledge will be greater than mine. Myself, whilst I am OK at a few coding (programming) languages I am certainly not an expert at all, I doubt if any one person is, or any average size design house is either! If they are then you will be paying an absolute fortune for their services. So, we either restrict what a client can have based on our shortcomings or we seek outside expertise.

Outsourcing is the way forward

To my mind, outsourcing is the way forward for many web design studios, particularly those who work from a home office or as part of a small collective group. In today’s climate it is not possible to be an expert on all the technologies which seem to emerge daily. To provide a good service, we have to use expertise from outside of our business, whether it be via code libraries, prepared functions, template designs (not keen), widgets, artwork or employing individuals to code for us.

What Do I Outsource and Who Do I Use?

First of all I do not directly outsource design or site builds – but I do use libraries. The construct or use of HTML, CSS, Javascript, artwork etc. and how the site looks and functions that is my service.

I do prefer to code for myself when I can, but writing ‘intense’ code i.e. producing a programming based application, isn’t always possible or practical. If a client needs their site to have built into it functionality which would put my cost beyond their purse, or what they need is beyond my coding skills then I will seek external assistance. I owe it to my client to do that.

Types of Functions I Might Outsource

By the use of terms ‘coding & function’ I am referring to ideas like adding in an online ability to say design a t-shirt, a dress, design a garden, applying hair style to an uploaded image, taking apart a combustion engine, or adding complex database and query functions for companies to use in-house, or systems to help run their business. Outsourcing can mean that smaller business could have access to these types of add-ins / functions / systems and so compete better.

Outsourcing is about finding the right partner

Finding the right partner can be a bit hit and miss, recommendation is often the way to go. My experience with the following has been good. This is not an ad and I have not been asked to place them here, I am recommending them because I like their service and attitude.

When I need backup with coding the company I prefer to use is, Bolasintelli. They are based in India but with a strong client base in the UK. You can contact them using, info@bolasintelli.co.in. They conference via Skype and once you have their details, they will answer questions via Skype or email, whatever the situation warrants. Visit their web site

You can contact them when you need in much the same way as you might pop your head into the office of your ‘backroom’ developers to see how things are going. I have not encountered any language issues except for maybe my own. Their English is good ..... When they code for you , you own the result of their work; the coding knowledge might be theirs, the muscle theirs but the concept remains yours, as it would be if produced in-house.

As a parting comment here is an extract from a recent exchange of emails which I was privy to.

"Having worked for many overseas companies we have a proven track record. As a company we employ only the best applicants and then continue their training in house to include regular project and performance reviews. We provide a top quality service such as you would expect from any large blue chip US or UK development house but at considerably less cost."

So, taking all things into account, I really do not understand why some web design studios are so anti the idea, they seem to forget that they too are an outsourced service.

Good luck
RWS Web Design