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Mock Up

A colleagues client needed a site moving away from a 'locked in' hosting company. All the content was held in a database, to which access was prohibited (naughty!). To make it worse, the database details which held the site content and the functions to display the site were wrapped inside a dll which had to be cracked.

Between us we managed to 'unlock it', reconstruct the database and then the site was moved to a new hosting company.

I quickly put together a demo to show the client how we might modernise their site should they want that? Their site design while perfectly functional had an aged look to it. The revamp was declined but it is include here as a example of a simple makeover.

Click this link to view the actual site (opens in a new tab)


Introducing Marysia of Mirror Mirror Designs

"I take a pride in the work I undertake for my clients and the aim of this small boutique business is simple:"

"deal with every client in a personal but professional and friendly manner and to deliver to you a quality item that your little Princess will be proud to wear."


The aim of Mirror Mirror Designs is to provide your little princess with a beautiful handmade unique and high quality item that will be worn with pride. Our dresses are ideal for special occasions such as Christenings, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Holidays and special meals out with Mummy and Daddy!

In line with our philosophy, there is only ever one person making your special dress and that is me, Marysia!! and your contact will be with me throughout the design and making up process.

Mirror Mirror Designs provide custom clothing for little ladies aged 0-10 years of age. (11-14 range coming soon). Mirror Mirror Designs only uses top quality fabrics such as Silk Dupion, Silk, Heirloom fabrics such as Imperial Batsite, Batiste, Voile and good quality Cottons.

Mirror Mirror Designs will never change in this respect. Your dress will be designed and made for you, by me and only me. Please view our gallery page to see examples of my work ( these are not for sale).

We do provide a few ready made up items for sale, they can be found on the items for sale page.

Bespoke items are be made upon request.

Should you have a specific request Please don't hesitate to contact me ,