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ABI.Co.Ltd - Japan

President of ABI Co Ltd:
Mr Norio Owada

Creator of the CAS System

ABI.Co.Ltd - Lab

ABI - Lab for the CAS System

ABI In Ireland

ABI - Lab for the CAS System

CAS Frozen Food System

ABI - CAS Comes To Australia

ABI - Lab for the CAS System

Lynton Perry:
ABI's Australian Representative

Lynton's background is in Refrigeration, Education, Food Technology and tinkering around with old cars!

Lynton spent 25 years developing a food technology business to include establishing industry standard qualifications, training courses and food production facilities for a UK based Technical Training Collegue.

Then Lynton met Mr Owada and discovered ABI's CAS system.

Lynton's summing up of CAS is simple:
" Its the way to go mates "

The Magic of CAS

Typical CAS customer comments:

"Foods after defrosting came to life as if they were just made.

Sushi frozen using CAS: CAS returns frozen Sushi to Sushi "as if it were made freshly".

Fish frozen using CAS: Fish defrosts without leaking excess water so the fish stays natural and moist

Rice frozen using CAS: Traditionally there are problems associated with freezing cooked rice but the white wax phenomenom which hinders the taste and feel of defrosted rice does not occur when the cooked rice has been frozen using CAS.

Rice returns to its pre frozen state as if it has just been cooked fresh.

CAS is a revolutionary freezing method which imitates natures ability to freeze rain intact therefore retaining the structural integerity of every single water droplet.
Using "CAS" frozen produce is as fresh looking and as tasty as it could ever be.
As an example, CAS has been created and designed to benefit Food producers / processors, Food Retailers, and the Restaurant trades.

Which would you prefer to Supply or Buy?

Judge the difference; Product Sampled: Defrosted Spinach

After CAS Freezing Method After Conventional Freezing
Defrosted Spinach previously frozen using the CAS system Defrosted Spinach previously frozen using the CAS system

The CAS Method preserves the products structure, look, feel and taste.

Defrosted and back to fresh using the CAS system

CAS Ready Meals - Japanese Style - from Freezer to Customer:

Defrosted and presented to the table - only possible using the CAS system

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