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The World Wide Web is crucial to maintaining Freedom of Information while well designed websites encourages information to be read and spread
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A well designed website is key to successful marketing.

Care about your website.

A website is visited because a visitor seeks to fulfill a need. A well designed website helps to confirm and to satisfy that need.

A good website should enhance a businesses image while improving their customers ability to buy or to understand their products or services, even when a business does not sell direct from their website.

You see an advert for a kitchen supplier, do you just phone for a brochure and wait or do you browse their website?

For more information please contact us.

A simple single web page makes a difference.

One page can impart information and enhance an organisations image.

A single page can make the difference between the success and failure of a marketing campaign. It can say, we are here and show why your business is unique.

View our florist 'quick roughs' (below right) to see what we mean.

Regardless of the size and type of business operated a website will add dimensions to any marketing campaign and enhance a businesses image.

For more information please contact us.

Using a website as an onLine brochure?

Interactive online brochures.

A website is an excellent place to show or actually to become, an expanded product brochure.

Online brochures can be cheaper, plus there is little, if any, cost restriction on the amount of information included and they can be downloaded in pdf format?

At a minimal cost the online brochure can be changed whenever needed and contain much more information. Interaction can help the user to make a product selection.

For more information please contact us.

My business is too small for a website plus it costs a fortune?

Can you afford not to have a site?

The cost of hosting a site per year can be less than the cost of one semi display 'ad'.

An 'ad' is an important 'we are here pointer' but link the 'ad' to a web page illustrating your service and you have grabbed your customers attention.

The cost of a simple page could be as low as £50.00 and having it updated monthly by us can be as little as £36.00 per year, while the cost of a full site can start at £200. We'll happily answer your questions.

For more information please contact us.

The success of your website is important to you and to us.

Care about your business.

Website Design - Lincolnshire

Based in Lincolnshire RWS - website design - has designed, advised on and maintained websites for businesses and individuals since 1995.

RWS provides an all round no nonsense, one to one personal, considerate, unbiased and affordable web design service tailored to a clients needs.

tel: 079662 60711 or email us (preferred) using this link, thank you.

Our Website Advisory Service:

We are happy to offer simple advice on your website but for protacted advice please use our donate facility. Thank you

Interesting copy and images will encourage visitors to browse.

Care about your message.

A well designed website should invoke from a visitor positive emotions while making them feel at ease using your site with information appearing quickly and clearly to satisfy their need.

Information presented should be easy to see and the purpose of the message clear.

Service(s) or product(s) illustrated should be simple to understand, preferably at a glance and easy to both navigate and to obtain. Copy should be informative.

For more information please contact us.

Get a voice:
Reading your website message.

Be heard above the crowd.

Visitors will settle in to read your sites copy (text) once they are comfortable that the information offered will either validate or encourage or fulfill their perceived needs.

Images and site ascetics are important for creating perceptions but good copy is what keeps them browsing the site. It also gets the site talked about and searched.

Your copy is your voice so make it heard. Visitors need to feel they have gained by visiting your website. www = information.

For more information please contact us.

We judge organisations by their website.

Like it or not it's a fact

Websites that are confusing to use or websites which fail to function correctly detract from the message being delivered.

It matters little that a site looks good if the information is hard to obtain, or it is confusing to use or just badly written. Your message deserves better.

Users are canny with their time and will appraise content at a glance. If that can't be done then your site will fail and that will reflect on your business reputation.

For more information please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you

If you have a website but would like some advice or you are thinking about starting a website or have got part way through writing your own but need a pointer then please contact us.

We are happy to provide advice where we can but in situations where detailed help is needed then please consider using our donate facility.

We undertake to provide an unbiased and where we can, a timely, response.

Thank you

For more information please contact us.

peeking over the wall to see our work at Rays Web Studio  (RWS) Lincolnshire

A few live sites (use the link below to view more examples)

These examples open in a new browser window (or view more examples.)

Flooding in the Philippines:
Tip of the global warming iceberg?

Close to our heart: ray's web studio Lincolnshire gets involved - flooding in Manila 2012 what if this was London or Washington? The Philippine people need help and they need jobs

Can you provide jobs in the Philippines?

Or, can you give help to Oxfam?

Please read our short article. Thank you
Fili Jobs - product trials - canvasing -.IT

image of a dejected lad sitting

The Philippines - flooding

Annual floodings within the Philippines is on the increase but I have yet to read any article associating the change in weather patterns there with global warming. Even Asian news articles seem to ignore this possibility. One thing for certain is that the Philippines have contributed little to the build up effects causing global warming but yet they seem to be the nation continuously punished by its effect. Of course being situated on the edge of the world the rest of the world seems to be little bothered by their continuing plight and their problems rarely hit the news.

The Philippines - escaping Ondoy

rays web studio - focus on the philippine floods - image is of a family heads just above the waters trying to swim to safety

The Philippines one of the most diverse, beautiful but economically challenged countries in the world continues to be ravaged by floods. Recently we read about flooding in Manila but sadly the reports didn’t focus beyond the immediately sensational. The real story is that these floods are occuring across the Philippines on a regular basis. The peoples of this already struggling country are fighting for survival on so many levels. If we in the western world had to survive in the same difficult way then goverments would undoubtedly fall but poverty, sickness, floodings, contaminated water, lack of food and basic medical care take a toil on these wonderful people. People the world seems to ignore.

Short Term Help is being offered by: Oxfam but in the longer term the peoples here need to be able to generate income so they can build more suitable homes and better lives.

Creating Work in The Philippines

If you are a business then helping to create outsourced jobs in the Philippines could be the right step for you. Here's why you should and a couple of start off ideas ....

The Philippines - In the longer term: Making Jobs Available

To help solve these problems in the longer term the Philippines need foreign investment by way of job creation. China has emerged, India is also growing, so as a company who outsources, don’t be scared to look elsewhere for help with your business. The Philippine culture is a healthy mixture of Americanized ideals with Asian morals, work ethic and friendliness.

Looking to outsource? - try the Philippines

Maybe as a company if you outsource data entry or run IT processes that can be operated away from your base or have a production process that is simple to set up but is labour intensive then outsourcing within the Philippines or setting up production there will help your business grow while helping them?

Maybe you are marketing a new product and want unbiased and untainted consumer opinions? There is an army of eager people willing to walk your products around the towns and villages and to collect the responses you require. They use and enjoy many western type products and hold similar lifestyle aspirations. Small products can be flown and delivered within a few days.

Whatever legitimate work you can provide to the Philippine people they will welcome your interest and of course the financial help that will provide. Employee loyalty is an important part of a successful business venture. If we were to ever set up a call centre then that is where we would establish it, without reservation. British Philippines Outsourcing Council. It isn't just us who think the Philippines is great for business.

A little help?

In a small way Ray's web studio .co.uk provides a little employment by using Philippine personel to check a new websites functionality, the spelling (yep!) and to garner opinions from their friends and relatives. Culturally our contacts design ideas can differ from ours, mainly to do with the use of colour but we find their opinion on a sites functionality and navigation and ‘at a glance’ understanding of a websites message irreplaceable. If this idea appeals to you then why not contact us? We will be glad to put you in touch with our contacts regardless of whether you are in competition with us or not. We believe the wider issues to be more important than any perceived commercial advantage.

Could you find a more loyal and dedicated work force? Personally we doubt it.

Thank you for reading this. Close X

One rainy Saturday afternoon:
Played with an image. Rough outs.

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